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ISF - Individual Service Fund

An Individual Service Fund is rapidly becoming a popular choice with those who require care. This is where you choose a particular provider, as opposed to yourself or the local council, to manage your personal budget on your behalf.

How does it work?

If you choose to use an ISF with Angelcare, we work on your behalf to arrange services and support for you. We take our comprehensive approach to care to ensure that you have more control over your life and your support.

When you have decided that you need support at home or care at home most people will choose to contact the local authority. They will arrange to come out to your home and fill out a questionnaire about you and how you feel you can cope at home with daily living tasks and how safe you are.

This will generate a weekly sum that you are free to spend on support to ensure that you are safe at home and it meets your required needs. Once you have your weekly sum, this is classed as your weekly budget, you can choose for a provider like us at Angelcare to hold it for you and help you spend it to maximize your quality of living while receiving value for money on the support you require to meet your needs.

Angelcare will hold your Budget in a bank account with your name on within our bank. We will not take any money from your account without your permission. We can pay other people or services it is not restricted for us to only provide your support.

The Benefits

  • Decision Making - The decisions that need to be made concerning your care are made by our dedicated team, with your best interests and wellbeing at heart
  • Responsiveness - These decisions can be made quicker and easier, there is no undue delay as a result of issues like contractual negotiations
  • Resources - You are not tied to any particular service or support, and we can take a flexible approach to your care and wellbeing
  • Clarity - There is no confusion, unnecessary dependence or undue complexity in the arrangements.

I already have an ISF

If you already have an ISF and are either not happy with your current service provider or you feel they are not working creatively to maximize your budget so that you get the most out of your budget then why not ring us? We provide care services from as little as £15.00ph.

If there isn’t a service that we provide we can assist you with finding what you need and, paying them out of your budget so you don’t have to.

We charge fees for managing your account, how much will vary on how many people we are paying on your behalf. If we are just paying ourselves there will be no fees or charges, we don’t have monthly account fees like other companies.

For more information on any of our services, including setting up an ISF, or to make an enquiry about having Angelcare support you, please contact Zoe or Tom on 01422 351369