New to Home Care

An Individual Service Fund (ISF) is a different way for you to purchase your care from a home care provider. With an ISF, you have choice and control over the support you need without having to take on the responsibility of managing the money.

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New to Home Care - Angelcare UK Limited

We believe that generally speaking people who do not require care or do not have a relative who receive care, know very little about services and what can be offered and what to expect.

Therefore, we have collated some information for you so you know what to expect from a Care Worker when they visit you.

What is Homecare

Homecare is a home based service for people who are aging, have disabilities, are suffering from a long term illness who require support with daily living.

Homecare is essentially a service which supports people to live independently in their own home who without support would require Residential Care. Whilst there is a need for Residential and Nursing Care Homes, we firmly believe that everybody has the right to choice and if they wish to be cared for at home, then they should be allowed to stay at home.

Our Principles

We aim to provide personal care and support in ways which have positive outcomes for service users and promote their active participation.

Angelcare strive to ensure that we are fit for our purpose - examine our operations constantly to ensure that we are successfully achieving our stated aims and purposes. We welcome feedback form our service users and their friends and relatives.

We work for the comprehensive welfare of our service users - we aim to provide for each service user a package of care that contributes to his or her overall personal and healthcare needs and preferences.